Sunday, July 2, 2017

182 Days Ago

Six months ago today, I embarked on a personal "wellness" journey. 182 days ago, I changed my diet, outlook, and perspective - on a quest for better health and confidence. Something I sorely lacked after giving birth to two beautiful boys, and enduring the hardest two years of my life (more on that soon).

That said, half a year later, the weight I set out to "lose" is gone, but more importantly, I've "gained" a sense of strength and mental fortitude I never knew possible?! The attitude of "I can, and I will," now directs my thoughts most days. And I'm never going back...

As a side note, it's hard for even me to see these side-by-side shots. It's sad, actually. And it's not so much from an external, superficial point-of-view, my emotional response. It's because I remember how trapped, and unhappy I felt in my own skin.

182 days ago, I made the best decision to put myself first - to focus on my health. And I'm a better wife, mother, and person for it!


  1. You are seriously a hot mama in both- but the bikini shot on the right in that last one looks like a 20 year old! And to think- that tummy carried two babies! Great work- it's one of the hardest things to do and continue doing! You look so great!

    1. You are too sweet, Ashley! And yes, it's been hard. I feel great though. The change has been totally worth it. When are we meeting up to hunt for sharks teeth? 😘


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