Saturday, July 1, 2017

Sunshine Face

My second-born baby is about to turn four, and from the day he first arrived, he's brought immeasurable joy, laughter, and light to our family. His gentle way, and fierce personality could truly melt the coldest heart. That said, I could never imagine a life without Alistair Anton... the sweetest boy I've ever known! (I know, I know... I'm his mother, and I'm biased. But if you've met him...) 

To start, the name Alistair means "defender of man." And true to form, he exemplifies the name to a T. Our Alistair, or "Ali" as we call him, is both a protector and natural-born leader. At just three-years-old, of his own accord, he's wildly independent and always helping out. Whether it's corralling Aksel to "unplug" and play, assisting with troublesome shoes, or (always) reminding me to "drive safe" (after he's hugged, kissed, and "tap-tapped" my back four times), he never fails to take charge and just show love. SO MUCH LOVE! I only wish he'd (sometimes) let me help him, too!

So happy (almost) birthday, Alistair. My joyful joybug joyboy! Your face is that of sunshine and stars... 

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  1. Liz Taylor EadesJuly 1, 2017 at 8:46 PM

    Jill, you are so blessed!
    Love your blog, so heartfelt and creative. You were born for this!


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